• Simple Car Maintenance Tips To Ensure Road Safety

    Why is it important to maintain your car in good condition? Making sure your vehicle is performing well inside out is crucial to avoid road accidents and ensure personal safety, the safety of your passengers and other road users alike. Here are some simple car maintenance tips you can regularly perform at home. Don’t forget to purchase auto insurance for on-the-go protection!

    Change your car oil regularly

    Checking and changing your car oil routinely is vital to ensure that the vehicle’s engine is at peak performance — the engine’s loss of power and performance may indicate larger problems. Learn how to drain the fluid, set the correct oil level and dispose of old oil from the engine. Wondering which type of motor oil is best for your vehicle? Here are some factors to consider: oil viscosity, synthetic or non-synthetic oil usage, and your car’s mileage. 

    Good engine oil lubricates engine parts to reduce friction and minimize unnecessary loss of power, which burns fuel more effectively and helps you save costs. Besides that, the oil reduces the friction and chemical reactions between engine parts, slowing the wear-and-tear rate, extending the lifespan of your car engine.

    How to change your car oil:

    Make sure the brakes, lights and wipers are functioning well

    Brakes, lights and wipers are vital car parts, but they are easily neglected as we can only detect their condition when driving — regular inspection is key! Please pay attention to their working conditions, like listening for any brake noise or vibration from the brake pedal, checking the lights’ brightness, and ensuring the wiper blades can work properly. Whenever you step on the brake pedal to slow down your vehicle, it creates friction as the brake pads press against the spinning disc brake rotors, causing them to wear out over time. 

    On the other hand, dim lights and worn out blades will affect visibility on the road during a sudden downpour, especially in a country where heavy rains are a common occurrence. Allocate some time for simple car maintenance like replacing brake pads, cleaning headlight lenses and replacing windshield wipers to avoid road mishaps in emergencies.

    AIG Malaysia

    Purchase AIG auto insurance

    Just as it is important to go for regular car maintenance, purchasing an AIG Car Insurance gives your vehicle 24/7 protection, even on the go! AIG provides unlimited towing service nationwide, one year warranty on repairs done at AIG panel workshops, and around-the-clock road assistance if you face vehicle breakdowns. Renewing your road tax and AIG car insurance is also hassle-free — online insurance renewal is just a click away! 

    Check out https://www.aig.my/personal/auto-insurance for more details and information.

  • DPEM: Supplying Comprehensive Motor Component Options

    What DPEM Does

    Daihatsu and Perodua are partners that engage in technologies and talent exchanges. In 2014, the Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manufacturing Sendayan (DPEM) was integrated as a joint business between both entities. Located at Sendayan Techvalley near Seremban, Daihatsu and Perodua, each possessing a funds equity stake of 51% – 49Per cent across the premises. The centre manufactures motors and factors for energy-efficient vehicles (EEV) put together in Malaysia and other countries.

    DPEM’s Corporate and business User profile

    Casting, machining and construction work is done with the Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manufacturing plant. The premises is really a powertrain creation centre to improve Malaysia’s car industry by improving neighbourhood information among locally constructed autos, having a regular monthly production potential of 18,000 products. Local customers involve Toyota Assembly Services and Perodua. As opposed, Astra Daihatsu Motor in Indonesia is their single overseas buyer.


    Dreams And Visions of DPEM

    Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manufacturing envisions being “The Company which Makes Happy People Through Constant Challenge” by scaling up Malaysia’s auto sector by way of their procedures, using the industry’s gradual liberalisation. In addition, DPEM is additionally tapping into more developing prospects from the ASEAN place, in line with their slogan “Driving Together For a Better Future”.

    Precisely What Does DPEM Manufacture?

    The items produced by Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manufacturing (DPEM) are engines and generator factors, especially for Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV). The grow generates 1.3L, and 1.5L motors for Perodua vehicles, 1.5L engines for Toyota Assembly Services, tube head, cylinder prohibit and crankshaft for Astra Daihatsu Motor in Indonesia — from unprocessed supplies to concluded items.

    DPEM’s Organization Quest

    Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manufacturing (DPEM) has successfully received its Integrated Management System qualification from the Independent European Certification (M) Sdn Bhd. This recognition emphasises their dedication towards their potential customers and also the atmosphere. Via CSO pursuits, DPEM also led to the local neighbourhood by releasing experience face masks and fingers sanitisers in colleges.

    The two Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manufacturing Sendayan and the Akashi Kikai manufacturer located next to it type a powertrain creation centre, supplying the premises with a unique competitive edge. The previous items engines and their factors whilst the latter items electronic digital automatic and guide transmission elements DPEM and Akashi Kikai go with each other to provide total motor aspect answers to car original equipment manufacturers (OEM) locally and in foreign countries.

    DPEM’s Competitive Edge

  • How Emperikal Can Drive Your Enterprise Performance

    Online Marketing from Emperikal’s standpoint

    Digital marketing in Malaysia continues to turn into a growing trend as more businesses begin to go online. Businesses, in general, realise that the buyer market is gradually switching their online experiences to devices apart from the personal laptop, particularly their mobile handset and tablet. Thus, businesses must start out thinking creatively about how to target their buyers effortlessly within everyday lives. An example of consumer behaviour trends would be the increasing amount of video content. More agencies all across Malaysia have begun seeing the additional value in video marketing, as online studies show that most web surfers are spending a greater part of their time viewing videos.

    Emperikal is probably among the few agencies which are not surprised at the booming trend. Malaysians from the ages of 12 to 60 are constantly browsing online, thanks to the disruption of the net being made accessible and inexpensive anywhere. Examples of a highly regarded marketing agency in Malaysia, Emperikal, know the digital landscape and deliver meaningful business impact to a business’s online strategy. Emperikal, an experienced full-service digital marketing agency in Malaysia, is the perfect solution for your specific business needs. You will get unparalleled access to world-class marketing resources made available by its other sister agencies. In actual fact, you will not ever have trouble hiring the services of a marketing agency in Malaysia. However, not all of the marketing agencies are the same. Emperikal consistently tops its competitor’s thanks to its data-driven way of helping brands improve their online visibility. Emperikal has proven itself, and it has developed a well-known name as a highly regarded digital marketing agency in Malaysia.

    This marketing agency distinguishes itself from numerous others by supplying the complete package of digital marketing services. This offers them the ability to work efficient and effective for companies of any size. Due to this fact, this company has worked together with many global firms around South-East Asia.


    One of the many of the company’s services is content marketing in Malaysia. Professional copywriters are in the position of writing exceptional and appealing content for websites and blogs. Moreover, they happen to be respected regarding their SEO packages in Malaysia by boosting the search engine results for several businesses in the state.

    Emperikal holds a strong track record for achieving beyond expectations with sales and conversions for a maximum ROI with Google Ads. Their knowledge of performance marketing and display advertising ensures your online business reaches its business targets. Staying true to the worldwide Emperikal brand, Emperikal is equipped with each of the right skills to promise a profitable campaign for your personal investment.

    Social media today has become an important part of everyone’s day to day life. Visiting your social account is vital every couple of hours. People remain connected wherever they are and use social platforms to source news, inspiration, and comedy. Businesses need to interact with their audience over the popular platforms and forms of content to stay relevant. Facebook advertising, Instagram sponsored posts, and LinkedIn is a few of the favourite types of social media advertising supplied by our social media agency in Malaysia.

    Businesses without their own individual website are losing vital insights and, above all, customers. Offline stores are not enough as customers are online via multiple touchpoints; obtaining your own website brings advantages and addresses customer’s most commonly seen questions like contact details, address, and product/service information. Emperikal’s web developers in Malaysia are very skilled at making websites that serve the functions you need them to; with knowledge of both frontend and backend, your website is without a doubt a beneficial extension of your brand’s service. They are revered for their website development and as a top web design company in Malaysia. Function alongside aesthetics is a couple of of the biggest aspects whenever creating a website.

    Internet marketing really shines when it comes down to data analytics. A mixture of free and paid tools can be utilized for performance tracking and measurement. In simple terms, you’ll want to see what works and what doesn’t in your marketing plan to enable you to adjust your funds accordingly. We can use consumer experience design or UX design to optimise your business site for optimum conversion rate with that data. We will visualise the buyer’s journey from the moment one visits your site until one checks out with their shopping cart.

    Overall, the impressive set-up at Emperikal has allowed businesses to thrive with the assistance of Emperikal’s talented organisation. Much hard work has been put into their recruitment strategy that has seen several gifted and experienced individuals join the widely accepted agency. For chances to come and join this multinational company, watch out for any available digital marketing jobs to master the secrets behind their capability to generate meaningful results.

  • redONE: Benefit Mobile Phone Plans For All Those

    About redONE

    redONE is definitely the 1st cellular online network owner (MVNO) in Malaysia, which offers the lowest month-to-month commitment postpaid plan. Today, our postpaid and prepaid top up plans involve cost-free calls and additional internet info with clear costs. redONE has earned the MNVO Service Provider of the Year from 2014 to 2016 and seeks to get the biggest MVNO in Southeast Asia.

    Postpaid Plans

    redONE postpaid plans come in 3 kinds, the Amazing58, Amazing38 and Amazing8, to meet your requirements. If you require added info or telephone calls, add a redPLAN monthly information bundle as low as RM8. We also offer M2M business communication plans that meet the needs of numerous gadgets and a multitude of end-user profiles for companies to save and analyse details.

    Prepaid Plans

    Each time you reload RM30 on redONE’s Prepaid Basic Load up, you are entitled to a free simpack including 1GB of 4G information, 10GB of portable info and limitless totally free calls among redONE’s prepaid users, with credibility of thirty days. To get additional info, get a top rated-through to redONE’s Prepaid App for as low as RM3 every day.


    Benefit IDD And Roaming Plans

    Contact or text any individual worldwide with redONE’s price range-pleasant IDD and roaming costs. Get pleasure from rates for resolved-line telephone calls as low as RM1.25 every minute and online video cell phone calls as low as RM0.92 every minute, with sound quality as great as local phone calls, applicable simply for redONE postpaid users. Global roaming from RM28 onwards for postpaid or prepaid plans.

    Shop redONE eStore

    Buy insurance, devices and sign up for charge cards on redONE’s eStore. redMALL’s mobile phones and appliances for the home are up for cashless buy methods with reduced interest and instalment rates. redCARD provides HSBC’s credit card, and new customers will love a phone expenses rebate of RM300. redCARE offers an extensive AIG auto and travel insurance policy.

    redONE Telcopreneur Programme

    redONE Telcopreneur Programme delivers the chance of men and women to get monetary flexibility. Be a part of the programme like a redONEPreneurSales Consultant and diversify your earnings stream by marketing redONE’s products. Enjoy perks like desirable rewards, full-time allowance, instruction and cost-free insurance policy coverage that rewards your career progression.

    Our Company Offers Support

    Get redONE assistance through our website to identify your local agent or seek out redONE retail shops or national places of work. You may also get in touch with a consumer Proper care agent by way of our are living talk providers 12 times per day, 7 days a week. Being a lover of Celcom Axiata, our consumers are eligible to enjoy the best broadband insurance coverage throughout Malaysia.

    Pick redONE

    redONE’s slogan of “Returning to Essentials – everyday life is complicated adequate” displays our stance of prioritising customers’ needs with basic and reasonably priced items. Our postpaid and prepaid top up plans provide free of charge phone calls, more data, and substantial network insurance with Celcom Axiata as the service provider. redONE provides value goods that are charged transparently.

  • 3 Rahsia Untuk Buat Hidangan Tomyam Lebih Menyengat

    Siapa sahaja yang tak suka hidang resepi tomyam yang enak dan lazat untuk dijamah dengan nasi panas? Kehangatan yang ada dalam kuah tomyam yang panas ada kombinasi rasa yang syok sekali. Deria rasa anda akan teruja dengan keenakan rasa masin, masam dan pedas pada tomyam, diiringi pelbagai jenis protein yang disediakan sekali. Ada tomyam berisi daging, ayam, dan juga makanan laut seperti sotong dan udang.

    Walau bagaimana sekalipun anda gemarkan tomyam anda, semuanya boleh dihidang di rumah dengan mudah kalau anda ada bahan-bahan yang betul. Nak masak tomyam ini tidak memerlukan barang yang rumit. Malah, anda mungkin sudah ada semua ramuannya di dalam peti sejuk ataupun dapur anda. Cuma tinggal nak masak sahaja untuk dihidang kepada keluarga tersayang.

    Tetapi bukan semua tomyam ada rasa yang luar biasa. Satu juadah tomyam yang lain daripada yang lain itu ada ciri-ciri istimewa. Nak tahu rahsianya? Terus ikuti perkongsian ini sebelum anda memasak tomyam sebagai menu utama hari ini.

    Ada Isi Yang Banyak

    Sama ada tomyam makanan laut ataupun tomyam daging, kunci kepada keenakan semangkuk tomyam itu adalah pada isinya yang banyak. Tomyam yang penuh dengan isi daging, ayam, sotong mahupun udang akan dapat memuaskan selera anda. Apabila kita hidang tomyam dengan nasi panas, isi lauk yang banyak akan buat kita lebih puas hati.

    Bukan itu sahaja, isi tomyam yang banyak itu juga dapat menaikkan lagi keenakan rasa tomyam yang anda hidangkan. Misalnya, tomyam seafood yang kaya dengan isi udang dan sotong akan mendapat lebih kemanisan makanan laut yang lebih. Ini kerana bahan-bahan tersebut direneh dengan sempurna dalam kuah tomyam anda. Dengan isi yang banyak, anda tidak perlu lagi menambah terlalu banyak perisa tambahan kerana keenakan semula jadi daripada ramuan tomyam anda sudah cukup sempurna.

    Maggi MY

    Penggunaan Air Beras

    Anda mahu rahsia utama kuah tomyam yang mengancam? Guna sahaja petua ini dan anda gerenti akan puas hati dengan hasilnya!

    Sebelum kita masak nasi, selalunya kita akan basuh dahulu beras untuk beberapa kali. Apabila air basuhan beras sudah jernih, baru kita boleh masak nasi dengan baik. Kalau anda nak kuah tomyam dengan tekstur dan aroma yang unik dan sedap, guna sahaja air basuhan pertama atau kedua beras anda sebagai air untuk kuah tomyam. Sebenarnya, kita membasuh beras untuk membuang lebihan kanji pada beras untuk memberi tekstur lebih cantik pada nasi yang sudah dimasak. Walau bagaimanapun, kanji yang larut dalam air ini dapat memberi rasa yang lebih enak kepada tomyam anda.

    Perasa Tomyam Yang Betul

    Untuk mendapatkan rasa tomyam yang kaw, sudah tentu kita perlu pes atau perasa tomyam yang mengancam. Lebih-lebih lagi jika anda kesuntukan masa untuk menyediakan semua ramuan daripada awal. Dengan perencah tomyam yang betul, anda dapat menyajikan rasa yang asli pada hidangan anda. Gabungan tomyam dengan perasa yang baik dapat memberikan sensasi masam masin pedas yang amat digemari dalam lauk anda, sekali gus menaikkan lagi rasa isi daging atau seafood yang ada pada juadah itu.

    Antara perencah yang terbaik untuk anda cuba ialah kiub pati Tomyam MAGGI® yang amat digemari ibu-ibu yang memasak di luar sana. Dengan kiub pati perasa tomyam ini, anda boleh hidang lauk ini dalam masa 20 minit sahaja! Kalau tak percaya, ikuti sahaja resipi ini. Gerenti anda akan puas hati.


    • 500ml air (atau air basuhan beras pertama atau kedua)
    • 2 kiub Kiub Pati Tomyam MAGGI®
    • 150g udang
    • 100g sotong
    • 3 keping daun limau purut
    • 1 batang serai
    • 5 biji cili padi
    • 1 biji bawang merah
    • 50g batang saderi
    • 50g lobak merah
    • 100g kobis bunga
    • 2 biji tomato
    • 50ml Susu Rendah Lemak Nestlé

    Langkah Penyediaan

    1. Sediakan periuk, kemudian masukkan air bersama Kiub Tomyam MAGGI®, udang, sotong, daun limau purut dan juga serai.
    2. Biarkan ia mendidih selama 10 minit.
    3. Kemudian perlahankan api, masukkan bersama cili padi, bawang merah, batang saderi, lobak merah dan kobis bunga.
    4. Akhir sekali masukkan tomato kerana ia mudah masak.
    5. Reneh selama 10 minit dan hidangkan sementara ia masih panas!
    6. Hidangkan bersama nasi panas untuk satu juadah sempurna.


    Memang rasa tomyam ini menyengat sekali. Kuahnya yang pedas, masam dan masin ini memang enak sekali digaul bersama nasi panas, terutamanya apabila ia ada kemanisan makanan laut yang tiada tandingan. Kuah tomyam ini pula ada kekayaan lemak berkrim dari susu rendah lemak dan juga aroma daripada air basuhan beras itu tadi.

    Resipi ini sesuai untuk hidangan buat tiga orang. Anda mahu resipi ini berdasarkan saiz hidangan anda? Layari sahaja https://www.maggi.my/ms/resipi sekarang.