Simple Car Maintenance Tips To Ensure Road Safety

Why is it important to maintain your car in good condition? Making sure your vehicle is performing well inside out is crucial to avoid road accidents and ensure personal safety, the safety of your passengers and other road users alike. Here are some simple car maintenance tips you can regularly perform at home. Don’t forget to purchase auto insurance for on-the-go protection!

Change your car oil regularly

Checking and changing your car oil routinely is vital to ensure that the vehicle’s engine is at peak performance — the engine’s loss of power and performance may indicate larger problems. Learn how to drain the fluid, set the correct oil level and dispose of old oil from the engine. Wondering which type of motor oil is best for your vehicle? Here are some factors to consider: oil viscosity, synthetic or non-synthetic oil usage, and your car’s mileage. 

Good engine oil lubricates engine parts to reduce friction and minimize unnecessary loss of power, which burns fuel more effectively and helps you save costs. Besides that, the oil reduces the friction and chemical reactions between engine parts, slowing the wear-and-tear rate, extending the lifespan of your car engine.

How to change your car oil:

Make sure the brakes, lights and wipers are functioning well

Brakes, lights and wipers are vital car parts, but they are easily neglected as we can only detect their condition when driving — regular inspection is key! Please pay attention to their working conditions, like listening for any brake noise or vibration from the brake pedal, checking the lights’ brightness, and ensuring the wiper blades can work properly. Whenever you step on the brake pedal to slow down your vehicle, it creates friction as the brake pads press against the spinning disc brake rotors, causing them to wear out over time. 

On the other hand, dim lights and worn out blades will affect visibility on the road during a sudden downpour, especially in a country where heavy rains are a common occurrence. Allocate some time for simple car maintenance like replacing brake pads, cleaning headlight lenses and replacing windshield wipers to avoid road mishaps in emergencies.

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Purchase AIG auto insurance

Just as it is important to go for regular car maintenance, purchasing an AIG Car Insurance gives your vehicle 24/7 protection, even on the go! AIG provides unlimited towing service nationwide, one year warranty on repairs done at AIG panel workshops, and around-the-clock road assistance if you face vehicle breakdowns. Renewing your road tax and AIG car insurance is also hassle-free — online insurance renewal is just a click away! 

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