Agroforestry Group’s Fertigation System Upgrade

Agroforestry Group is always on the lookout for ways to improve the efficiency and productivity of their durian plantations. After a thorough review of its operations, they have recently upgraded their traditional approach of fertilisation and irrigation to a new fertigation system. This is an Agroforestry Group review and how their new fertigation system will improve the performance of its Musang King durian plantations.

Improving Operations and Durian Quality with Fertigation

Due to their segregation and lack of automation, traditional fertilisation and irrigation methods used by the majority of durian plantations are less effective and detrimental to the environment.

A fertigation system, on the other hand, is a system where fertilisers are administered along with irrigation water. This proven technique allows water and fertiliser to be distributed evenly and on schedule for all durian trees, making it more efficient and allowing them to save time, resources, and effort by completing two events simultaneously.

Through this system, durian quality and production yields can be improved while operating at a more efficient and environmentally-friendly level. Not only does this result in optimised water usage, it also reduces pollution by decreasing chemical applications.

Other than that, a fertigation system also allows necessary additional nutrients to be added to promote growth, when needed. Although implementing a fertigation system is costly, Agroforestry Group sees it as a necessary cost as they look to grow further in the near future.

The decision to upgrade their durian plantation to a fertigation system was made only after a thorough review and analysis of its efficacy. It was Agroforestry Group’s operational review found it to be the most efficient way to administer fertilisers and nutrients since it offers a simple way to provide precise doses to durian trees.

In the long run, Agroforestry Group’s new fertigation system will not only be more cost-effective but also assures that durian trees are free from problems related to overfertilisation or nutrient deficiencies.

Agroforestry Group’s Environmental-based Business Model

The installation of a fertigation system is just one of the numerous implementations of new environmental-based improvements made by Agroforestry Group. This builds on their newly launched reforestation environmental project, which aims to help restore Malaysia’s forests and protect wildlife habitats.

The company is always assessing and monitoring its business processes to protect and ensure yields for investors. Visit their website now for more information on durian to receive agroforestry group reviews on the market.